HTTC ENS Bambili Entrance Exam 2021-2022 year one First Cycle


Information on the HTTC ENS Bambili Entrance Exam 2021-2022 year one First Cycle launch date and requirements/conditions to be followed by candidates.

The Higher Teacher Training College Bambili (HTTTC Bambili or ENS Bambil) of the University of Bamenda Concours is usually wriiten every academic year by student-teachers.

Every academic year, the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon will release a press order as to when this Entrance exam will be launched and the requirements.

The competitive entrance examination is launched and fixes the number of places into year one of the First Cycle of the Higher Teacher Training College Bambili, the University of Bamenda.

HTTTC or ENS Bambili departments

Bilingual Letters (GCE A/L)
Bilingual Letters (Bac A4)
English Modern Letters
French Modern Letters
Computer science: ICT

The launch date of the HTTC ENS Bambili Entrance Exam

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